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    Dear New York

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    So fluffy im gonna dieee

    So fluffy im gonna dieee

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    Dinner muahaha

    Dinner muahaha

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    Not really…

    Not really…

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    It’s still snowing wthhh

    It’s still snowing wthhh

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    Because it’s beautifulll

    Because it’s beautifulll

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    Snow photobomb

    Snow photobomb

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    - made sushi with my best buddies

    - cracked inappropriate jokes

    - had many good laughs

    - went to an A cappella concert

    - grooved to the music~

    - drank Ken imported from Holland B)

    - played Uno spin

    - had a great Saturday!

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    I’m having too much fun to have a boyfriend.

    There was an article on The Mac Weekly last week about marriages after Mac. The writer wrote about how she talked to an alumnus about his marriage with another Mac student. When he was a senior, he decided to ask the prettiest freshman girl out for coffee, and later they got married.It was a beautiful story. But a very rare one. Dating at Mac, as far as what I have seen, is far from being romantic and meaningful.

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    The other side of the story

    Today we went a Vietnamese restaurant for dinner. The restaurant owner came to greet us as a group. She came from the South of Vietnam to the US in 1975, right after the war ended. Given the context, it became obvious to me that she was a supporter of the Southern regime, which was lost to the Communist party of Northern Vietnam in the war. People who lived in South Vietnam lost everything in 1975, and had to fleet to the US for a better life. So there were me and another Vietnamese guy in the group. Knowing that I am from the South, and the guy is from the North, the restaurant owner only came to speak with me. She was all nice and sweet to me. She even offered me some more food as a treat beside what we had ordered. But she didn’t even look at the guy. When someone in our group told her that she was in Hanoi before, the restaurant owner expressed how she didn’t like Hanoi when she was there. She said everything was so exaggerated. She was disappointed when she came to visit the supposedly famous sights in Hanoi. Clearly, she held a strong grudge against the North of Vietnam. I was aware that most of people in the US were from the south, and they didn’t like the North and Northern people. It’s understandable for them to do so. But I didn’t know that some of them are still very biased nowadays, after 37 years since the war was over. I knew very little about what happened to them. Most of what I knew was being told by the people who came here after the war.

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    Say it

    I miss you

    it’s obvious

    I smile at the thought of you

    I get excited at the mention of your name

    I feel my cheeks blushing

    when I talk to you


    why is it so hard

    to say those words

    to let you know

    that I care

    I’m afraid

    to expose myself

    I doubt

    if you ever feel the same

    why am I such a coward

    I have lost so much


    I have become


    here I sit

    wonder and hope

    while what I should do

    is to say it out loud

    that I miss you

    p/s: my summer writing was cheesy. This is what happened when I had too much free time. 

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    Fall at Mac

    Mac Fall

    Mac Fall

    Mac Fall

    Mac Fall

    Mac Fall

    Mac Fall

    Mac Fall



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